They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. And no kitchen is complete without comfortable, stylish, and functional stools. 

Finding the right kitchen stool for your space can take months of research and browsing, with hundreds of almost-but-not-quite options to wade through. If you're feeling disheartened in your search, you're in the right place. 

Here is a handy guide to finding the perfect stool for your kitchen. If your kitchen stool meets these requirements, you've found the ideal seating option for your kitchen counter, breakfast bar, or at-home bar


Considerations for a Kitchen Stool

The perfect wooden bar stool has several criteria it must meet. First, it needs to fit in your space physically. Then you can move on to the design style, comfort level, and durability level. And once you've found several kitchen stools that meet this standard, you can find your ideal kitchen stool by looking at additional convenient features. 



The most important consideration for any counter stool is its height. Too high, and you won't be able to fit your legs underneath the counter. Too low, and you won't be able to see the food you're eating. Ideally, the seat of a kitchen stool should be 22cm to 33cm lower than the countertop. 

Typically, stool heights are as follows:

  • Chair stools: 45cm
  • Counter stools: 60cm to 66cm
  • Bar stools: 71cm to 76cm

Before looking at designs, colours, or funky features, ensure you know the correct height for your kitchen bar stools. Measure the height of the counter surface from the floor to accurately determine the appropriate stool height for the room. 


Home Interior

You want your kitchen stools to match the interior style of your kitchen while maintaining ultimate functionality. First, consider the type of space you're finding an option for: is it in a high-traffic area in your home? Is it in the middle of an open-plan living and dining room? 

For busier areas, you want to choose stools with bases and seats that can tuck away when they aren't in use. It's also wise to choose a backless option because these take up less space. For these more straightforward seating options, you can bring in style with seating fabric and the material of the base. Using low-maintenance materials such as leather, pleather, wood, and metal is a good idea. If you want upholstered seats without high maintenance, choose a microfiber fabric that wipes clean without a fuss. 

You can see the kitchen stools from all angles in an open-plan living and dining room. The stools act as design features in your home, and their appearance is critical. You can use the stools to make the open-concept room feel cohesive. Carry the comfort of your living room into the kitchen with lounge-worthy stools that feature soft cushions and broad backs. You can even choose seats with armrests to increase the luxury. 


Comfort and Aesthetics

Once you've pinpointed the purpose of your stool, you can decide on an appropriate comfort level. For primarily functional stools, you don't need plush cushions or armrests. Instead, you want to prioritise soft materials and comfy seats for cosy, breakfast-nook stools. 

Choose a stool with a base that mimics or highlights other kitchen materials, whether a certain wood stain or a metal finish. This ensures that design cohesion is maintained throughout the room, creating a seamless appearance. When choosing a seat material, you can choose colours similar to those already in the room or something that adds a fun pop of colour to the space. 



Unless you enjoy replacing your furniture every few months, durability is an incredibly important factor. You want to know that the stool you're investing in will stand the test of time, providing stylish support for years to come. 

Durability is impacted by two main factors: materials and workmanship. Here at Larkwood, we use the best of the best materials available to ensure our pieces are durable and sturdy. For our wooden bar stools, we use Plantation Teak wood: a robust wood often used in furniture and building construction. Combining that quality material with our meticulous and thorough artistry gives you the highest quality seating that money can buy. 


Convenient Features 

Some bar stools are designed with their singular purpose in mind. Others, like the Larkwood Bravo Stool, are designed to push the limits of a simple piece of furniture. With its ingenious design and unmatched craftsmanship, you won't find another wooden bar stool that measures up. 

The Bravo Stool combines 19th-century designs with modern luxury. The seat features a handle for easy transportation from room to room. One side doubles as a wooden step ladder so you can get to those hard-to-reach spaces throughout your home. Perfect if you’re looking for a bar stool with a step ladder. Moreover, the entire stool folds in half for easy storage and easy carrying. Sturdy, stylish, and stunning, the Bravo Stool is all you could need and more. 


Find Your Perfect Kitchen Stool From Larkwood Furniture

Finding a kitchen stool that meets all your requirements can take months of meticulous searching and planning. You want the height, durability, and appearance to meet your needs and complete the heart of your home.

Thankfully, your mission to find the perfect kitchen stool can stop here. Larkwood Furniture has been in business since 1988, designing and producing furniture that completes homes across Australia. With our dedication to creating stunning and durable furniture, you can be sure of the quality of our pieces. Scroll through our website today to find the furniture you've been dreaming of!