Did you know that Australians spend 39 hours a week (5.7 hours per day) sitting at work, home, and in transport? A lot of that time at home is spent watching or bingeing on TV and online video content. 

Are you in the same boat? Do you spend so much time on your sofa or armchair that you have formed an emotional bond with it?

You should consider getting a leather woven armchair to replace your current sofa or armchair. They are a decadent and comfortable choice and have many advantages, which we will outline in the article below. So keep reading!


Reasons Leather Woven Chair Is the Perfect Furniture Piece

We are big believers in adding a leather woven accent chair to every Australian interior to bring your home's style together in a cohesive fashion. But don't take our word for it.

We list some reasons why woven leather chairs are such a great addition to your home, no matter which generation you are from and where you live in Australia. 


Leather Woven Armchairs Are Long-Lasting

Suppose you have only purchased lower-quality armchairs made of synthetic or polyester materials until now. In that case, you will have noticed that over time, the more you use it, the fabric of the armchair starts fading or wearing out.

You might have considered reupholstering these armchairs or couches because you don't want to purchase a new sofa but then realised it's pretty expensive to reupholster something.

More than that, as your entire family spends lots of time on the sofa, doing all sorts of things, the armchair or sofa starts getting stains and all kinds of marks that are hard to remove or clean up. 

After a while, replacing the armchair or sofa is easier than cleaning it up or covering it up with blankets or other fabrics. 

The great thing about woven leather chairs is that they are long-lasting, more so when compared to other synthetic or polyester lower-quality armchairs or sofas. The hand-woven Hide Leather becomes softer as you use it over time. As you keep using your leather woven chair, you will realise how it cradles your body and makes you feel like you will never get up from its soft embrace. 

And it's easy to clean the woven leather chair, so you don't have to worry about untoward stains. 


Leather Woven Armchairs Are 100% Comfortable

No matter your stature, size, shape, or girth, you will not have to worry about getting comfortable on a woven leather chair. This is because leather tends to mould around the person that's using it. You might have noticed this when you purchase leather jackets - over time, they become like a second skin.

The same thing happens with leather woven armchairs. Since they are made of high-quality leather and woven in a way to make comfort the priority, you will notice that a leather woven accent chair is probably the most comfortable seat you have ever sat in. 

And over time, the leather will become even softer and get even more comfortable to sit on. Natural wood is used to create the frame with a smooth, natural finish, which is soft to the touch and comfortable to lean your arms on.

Also, we test our furniture until it breaks. With a 200kg max weight, you can rest assured that anyone can sit on your woven leather chair and not worry about breaking it. 

You will wonder why you didn't get a leather woven chair before, why you waited so long to purchase one, and you will never be able to purchase another armchair again. 


Leather Woven Armchairs Are Versatile

No matter what kind of interior design style you are going with within your home or apartment, you can rest assured that a woven leather armchair will go along with your decor quite brilliantly. 

If you have an industrial look going in your home or a farmhouse chic one, a leather woven chair will bring it all together for you. It's a versatile piece of furniture that can be played up or down depending on the setting in which it is placed. 

Also, you don't have to do anything special to style it or make it match your surroundings. It is good enough as it is, needing no addendums or additions. The woven leather chair is a skilled piece of handwork that is versatile all year round. 


Leather Woven Armchairs Offer a Sophisticated Look

Maybe your furniture is a mixture of pieces you received from your parents or other family members and pieces you have purchased yourself. Well, if you are thinking about adding a new member to your collection, a leather woven armchair is a sophisticated piece of furniture that will be your home's saving grace. 

It's easy to give off a mature, chic, avant-garde appearance to your entire interior by adding a black woven leather chair to the setting. And it's not like you will be spending thousands of dollars on this privilege, either. 

Some folks who have purchased woven leather chairs from us have said it's like adding another piece of art to their home. The French modernist armchair will become a topic of conversation as everyone always asks you where you bought it and how they can get their hands on it as well.


Larkwood Offers Quality Leather Woven Armchairs

Each leather woven chair we produce is made from natural leather and wood, resulting in variations between the chairs. Thus, you receive a one-of-a-kind leather woven armchair that is truly unique. No one else in the world will have one exactly like yours. 

If you are ready to add a comfortable yet stunning piece of furniture to your home, you will want to purchase a woven leather chair from Larkwood. Check out our collection of armchairs and chairs and pick one that suits your fancy.