Bravo Stool | Step Ladder | Mahogany & Teak


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This is the piece of furniture you need in your life.

The Bravo Stool is a wonderful display of ingenuity, practicality and craftsmanship.

The original design can be traced back to the nineteenth century; and our talented team has managed to make it even better.

The versatile Bravo Stool is timeless in it's design. Utilize it in the kitchen; bed side or couch side; step up to extend your reach; or unfold it from where you have it tucked away to add extra seating.

The charming Bravo Stool is unsurpassed in it's unique design and build quality.

Bravo Stool | Materials | Care | Dimensions

Your new home companion

Sit on it, step on it, work on it. This stool/step ladder has been one of our most successful designs to date.

We like to say, 'If it's not Bravo, it's not a stool'

The height is right

No one likes a stool that's too tall or too short - so the very same people that made our exclusive French Modernist Armchair developed the Bravo Stool - the perfect match in any room. And at 64cm tall, it's a great height for anyone!

They last a life time...or two

33 years of making Bravo Stools has taught us a thing or two, they last!
We use the best of the best materials available, the Bravo Stool is a strong heavy-duty chair.
Plantation Teak wood, commonly used in building construction: it's what we use to make the Bravo Stool.

With a high hardness rating, teak wood is one of the most robust materials used in furniture and construction production.

The grain, durability, and limited availability makes this one of the most expensive materials to source. Outdoor settings are a true example of ideal use of teak wood.

A well looked after piece of furniture made out of teak wood can last you a lifetime.


est. 1988