Contessa | Dining Chair


Purposeful French design influences draw the eye to parts of this chair, but the overall feel of it is Italian. It’s a chair fit for a Contessa, and such is its name. The simple lines show off the materials, but the sophisticated detailing and beautiful finishes make this a real show-stopper. A Contessa is a female with the same rank of a Count.

Generally a strong connotation, this word evokes the concept of a hard to please, but fair woman, with stature and standing in the community. This chair is the type of chair that would pass the scrutiny of such a person and would be preferable so as to showcase their measured and high class taste in material possessions.

Please note: The Contessa dining chair is hand crafted and made to order.

Estimated delivery is 6 - 10 weeks. 


est. 1988