French Modernist Collection

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Learn how we make the
French Modernist Armchair

Cutting & Gluing

The legs of the armchairs are cut and glued together before the bending process. We cut and glue 13 thinly sliced Mindi wood sheets.

Mindi wood is surprisingly strong, flexible and its quality cannot be compared. Not to mention its unique grain and colour!

Bending the wooden legs

Every single leg is carefully bent to a custom jig designed by our founder Don Lang, he developed the right jig for our beloved armchair.


After the legs are bent and put together, every single one of them goes though a meticulous sanding process.

The sanding step is one of the crucial parts from our process, thanks to this step we can accomplish our wordly recognised luxury finish.

Quality Control

Quality control is done at every single stage, but before the armchair is sprayed, the quality control team inspects the structure is up to Larkwood standards.

Our founder selects the quality control team, which it is usually a small number of people. They are in charge not only of the final product, but they are involved from the very begining of choosing the logs of wood we use.

Spraying and Assembling

The spay coat seals the wood, which helps it prevent from stains and mold. All our designs have 3 coats of sealing spray, and when the wood is coloured they have 5 coats. This process can last up to a week.

Our spraying team goes through a rigorous training process. They are handpicked by our founder Don Lang, this way he can ensure the spraying team is up to Larkwood standards.

The assembly process is when the chair comes together, and the final quality control is done before it's packed and loaded in the container.

Testing the strength

Part of our process is to test the chair's structure, here is an example on how we ensure the chairs are safe with a maximum weight of 220K G

Final Product

The French Modernist Armchair is one of our most beloved designs, and every single piece that we manufacture goes through the same process of care.