French Modernist Armchair | Natural Woven


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Bring French Mid-Century Modern design into your home with your new French Modernist Arm Chair. A handsome juxtaposition of sleek arms and handwoven rope back, this chair is designed after the one from the mid-1900s, called "vibo" style and created by French designers Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet. The arms of ours are made from thinly sliced Plantation Mindi Wood bent and laminated together by hand, which gives it a little spring. The back is hand-braided from Water Hyacinth, the strongest fiber on the market. It's one very comfortable chair. 

The hand woven water hyacinth catches the light from all angles while to the smooth natural finish of the frame stands bold and consistent, creating an eye-catching combination and contrast. This chic beautiful hand woven style chair is truly a skilled piece of handwork, versatile year round.

Please note that because this piece is made of natural wood, there will be slight variations in color between chairs. We think this adds to the one-of-a-kind character of this unique seat.

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Hand-woven to precision

Our production team's got it sort it. Imagine the Mona Lisa; that's how much care and precision goes into this design.

Due to the varying effects of natural and artificial lighting, slight variations in the colour of water hyacinth.

Water Hyacinth is a natural product sourced from rivers, which makes your chair as unique as the other.

The floating effect

13 layers of laminated Mindi wood are the only thing keeping you from the ground.
But don't you worry, we've tested the chair and it's got your lockdown gains or it could hold the weight of a full-grown female tiger.

Strong as

Did you know we make strong as furniture?

With a 200kg max weight, we made sure they are strong and safe.

We test all our furniture until it beaks, and guess what? we try hard!

C'mon that's impressive!

It's got your back

From time to time we can all use a little extra support.
With that in mind, the French Modernist Armchair has a delightfully high back build that provides incredible support for those deep long Netflix sessions.

Like our fingerprints, each chair is unique

The Mindi wood arm-rest is everyone's talk about. Each layer used in this armchair is unique and carefully positioned.
The eccentric wood frame will most certainly brighten up your home.

When style meets comfort

Who says support can't be soft?
The French Modernist Armchair was created with the ultimate combo of highback support and cosy comfort.
Perfect for late-night work sessions or a meal with your loved ones, the French Modernist Armchair is built for it all.

2 years in development

In the 33 years that we've been designing and manufacturing furniture, we never came across a more challenging design. And hundreds of attempts later, we can now say WE DID IT!

Our newest addition to the Larkwood family is the French Modernist Armchair.


est. 1988