St. Claire Chair


My first trip to Greece was memorable for a host of reasons, but mostly I came home with fond memories (and a grumbling stomach) for the food. At one posh restaurant, the waiters continued plying us with spirits and plates and bowls until I thought I would burst, and yet I kept eating and drinking because it tasted so good. It helped, of course, that I was planted in a dining chair that was both comfy (so I didn’t feel like moving) and slim (so lots of us fit around the table).

I wanted to make something similar once I got back home, and our St. Claire Chair was born. With a frame of strong Plantation Mindi Wood and Recycled Faux Water Hyacinth, it is both stylish and sturdy. It’s finished with a natural look and (of course) a modern yet timeless back design, a reminder of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Most comfy chair ever made?

We've manufactured thousands of designs and we still think this is the most comfy chair we've ever made

Dining Chair & Office companion

'Versatile' is what we call the St. Claire chair around here.
Use it as dining chair, desk chair, the choice is yours!

Some of us are clumsy

We all spill drinks and food around the dining table at some point, so we designed a seat so elegant made of Faux Recycled Water Hyacinth that even the messiest of all can enjoy a meal in a fancy chair


est. 1988