Hampton Mirror | Rattan Woven


This Art Deco scalloped-edged Mirror takes a classic look and renders it in a very modern and contemporary way! Finished in white and handwoven rattan, the piece is quite regal and a show stopper. It brings a sense of beauty and a touch of modern style to an old favorite!

Inspired by a similar mirror that I saw in the Hamptos, on a trip a few years ago. This City of the Night is amazingly polar with a large visiting population. Remarkable Architecture, Lights, and Glitter on one end and a downtown needing a remake -- living in or leaving the Hamptons is quite the conundrum! This remake of a classic mirror is both elegant and functional. Its distinctive lines and shape make it the perfect size and style for an elegant setting in a hallway, entryway, or formal living area. A truly piece of handmade art.


est. 1988