Pamplona Bedside


This Larkwood Furniture design is made with hand-picked materials and to exact technical standards. Each design has been tested and carefully crafted to the correct proportions. This makes every aspect of the design appear in perfect harmony and in perfect relation to other aspects of the design. At every opportunity, we put additional emphasis on craftsmanship, hand-made quality, and ensure structural strength to withstand years of use. 

Space is hard to come by these days. With sustainably sourced and organised storage system, we have made sure there is plenty of room to stash all you goodies. Hidden handles create a sleek and stylish face.


W: 470 mm

H: 510 mm

D: 370 mm

Drawer internals:

W: 392 mm

D: 270 mm

H: 118 mm

Bedside companion

Take your Bedrooms' aesthetics to the next level with the timeless and elegant beauty of its natural finish.

Au Naturel

Its natural looks make the Pamplona Bedside unit a statement piece, but its simplicity is a stunner!

Hand-made to precision

Our production team's got it sort it. Imagine the Mona Lisa; that's how much care and precision goes into hand crafting this complex design.

Designed for the aussie lifestyle

Made with elegant plantation Mindi Wood, our sleek and stable Pamplona Bedside unit can handle anything you, or your family throw at it.

Designing & Manufacturing since 1988

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Featuring in the image our furniture in one of the most exclusive 5-star resorts in the Maldives.

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Since 1988, Larkwood Furniture has been designing, manufacturing and supplying furniture worldwide. With an emphasis on quality, skilled craftsmanship and ethical resources, our furniture is handmade in Central Java to last you a lifetime.

Larkwood Furniture was set in motion by third-generation Australian carpenter, Donald Lang. Utilising over 30 years’ experience refining his craft, you can be assured we have the experience and knowledge to bring you the finest quality furniture available.

We have managed projects in thirty-nine 4 and 5 star resorts, one 6 star resort; from boutique accommodation and retail, to residential and original custom designed projects, Larkwood Furniture has supplied the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa – now entering the online trade down under.

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Get the same risk-free 30-day trial period across the whole Larkwood store. You’ve got a month to make sure you absolutely love our furniture, or get your money back, no worries.

Sit back knowing that you're doing your part for the planet

We've been working closely with Indonesian authorities to ensure our wood is legal, authorised and plantation sourced - so you can be assured that your purchases are not contributing to habitat destruction.

Larkwood Furniture is proudly certified by Indonesian authorities.


est. 1988