Parisian Slide Table


The Parisian Slide Table is inspired by our most iconic design, the French Modernist Armchair. It follows in line to complement your already stunning French Modernist Armchair. 

Sleek, modern and space saving. This is something that really works.

This table is designed to slide under your couch, bed or armchair to provide an immediate and practical surface.

The Parisian Slide Table is as strong as our French Modernist Armchairs, so don't you worry on how much weight goes on them!

This chair is an impressive feat. You'll see. It stands up for itself.

The solid top catches the light from all angles while to the smooth natural finish of the frame stands bold and consistent, creating an eye-catching combination and contrast.

This chic beautiful hand woven style stool is truly a skilled piece of handwork, versatile year round.


est. 1988