Tesoro Tallboy

Mid June 2023

Expanding our Tesoro collection, we have created a tallboy to subtly connect your rooms together. Our Tesoro bedside tables needed backup to achieve a natural and modern twist to hand woven rattan.

The Tesoro Tallboy allows for all the style and none of the clutter. Space is hard to come by these days. With sustainably sourced and organised storage system, we made sure there is plenty of room to stash all your goodies. Made for more than just storing your goodies, this piece brings in the feeling of effortless, ageless style.


W: 470 mm

H: 1150 mm

D: 360 mm

Small Drawer:

W: 368 mm

D: 265 mm

H: 70 mm

Large Drawer:

W: 362 mm

D: 312 mm

H: 170 mm

Local and international features. 

Breathtaking Design

Take your any room's aesthetics to the next level with the timeless and elegant beauty of its natural finish.

Au Naturel

Its natural looks make the Tesoro Tallboy a statement piece, but its simplicity is a stunner!

Hand-woven to precision

Our production team's got it sort it. Imagine the Mona Lisa; that's how much care and precision goes into hand weaving the rattan draws.

Designed for the aussie lifestyle

Made with elegant plantation Mindi Wood, our sleek and stable Tesoro Tallboy can handle anything you, or your family throw at it.